Ways to increase your child’s immune system

Children are different from adults in many ways. One of them is that they have not yet developed their immune system and this is the reason why they are given vital vaccine at a young age. It is also a known fact that young children are especially vulnerable to illness during cold weather and flu season. We all know our kids come down with a cold from time to time, but the truth is that this really is not happening because there are many ways we can prevent it.

The best way to prevent your child from getting sick is to build up their immune system. their immune system is their shield against illness and disease, but many times it may be too much for them to handle at such a young age. By helping them to strengthen it, their chances of getting sick with heat or cold will be greatly reduced.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I increase my child’s immune system?” The truth is that you can even begun to do this when the baby is still inside your womb by taking vitamins and eating the right foods that are essential for the development of the child. By doing this, you are increasing his immune system, even before he is born. When you feed, you can also increase the breastfeeding him and it will strengthen their immunity against diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and even diabetes.

As the child begins to get older, you can teach them the importance of eating healthy. Show them the right food they have to eat to grow healthy and fit and most of all, teach them to stay away from junk food and other foods that have no nutritional value. It is your responsibility as a parent to prepare healthy meals that are rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods that are good for the brain, bone and muscle development, and most of all their immune system. This will not only prevent your child from getting sick, it will keep them from becoming obese and as all of us know, that can lead to many health issues.

Another thing you can do is to teach your child the importance of proper hygiene because most kids love to play outside and it makes them an easy target for bacteria and other types of pathogens that attack them. Teach them to always wash their hands after playing outside and before and after eating meals. Make sure they bathe regularly. Stressed the importance of brushing their teeth three times a day, especially after meals. The majority of the diseases that afflict children are bacterial or viral in nature, so practice good hygiene will help them reduce their chances of getting sick.

Sleep is also a big factor when it comes to strengthening the immune system of the child. Make sure they get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Studies have shown that lack of sleep for both adults and children has been linked to numerous health problems. If your child is not getting enough sleep, their energy will be down compared to other children get enough sleep. They should be in bed by 9 and they should also take a 2-hour nap in the afternoon to ensure that their immune system is correct.

Exercise sleep is probably the most important factor in keeping the baby’s immune system strong. Teaching your child to exercise will not only prevent them from becoming obese, it will also boost their immune system. Encourage them to participate in sports or spending time with them outside playing ball. This will help them to lead an active lifestyle.

Last of all, you should set a good example in front of your children and live a healthy life. Help prepare healthy meals and take the lead in training and most of all, stay away from bad habits such as smoking and drinking and probably your children will follow in your footsteps.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you would like some great free tips on eating healthy, visit my site where you will find some useful information to help you live a long and healthy life.

What Mole Removal at home is not a good idea

Searching the internet you can find many sites offering products for mole removal at home. Attempting this can not be a good idea, though. Unlike warts and skin tags moles are often the first sign of skin cancer, even though they have been there for some time.

Trying to remove moles on your face, hand, neck or other parts of the body could be extremely dangerous, as some may be precancerous or cancerous. Only skilled physician will be able to look at the mole and judge whether it is benign or malignant. They will probably order a test for you to back up his decision, even then.

One of the most common cancer in men is skin cancer. The most serious form, malignant melanoma, often begin with something that looks like a mole. The risk of this cancer tends to spread elsewhere in the body.

Removing what appears to be a mole, but the cancer might actually get hurt. Also, you put yourself at risk of other cancers. If there is no surface skin to show that you have malignant melanoma, there is also nothing to let the doctor to other types of cancer can develop inside you.

With all cancers, early diagnosis gives one best prognosis. With some slow growing cancer, even late diagnosis offers the possibility of a fair result. Malignant melanoma may, however, quickly lead to very serious disease with poor outlooks, as it spreads unseen throughout the body. To give you a better chance of spotting malignant melanoma early by going moles instead seems much more reasonable.

If you want to have a mole removed because you think it looks ugly, think again if that is the only reason. It is a sign of individuality, no one else will have one exactly the same. In other communities, they were known as beauty spots or angel kisses and so highly regarded that people used to hold the pencil or the false ones. Relentless pursuit of perfection in every day removes all these signs of individuality.

If the mole really bothers you, maybe because it itches snags on clothing, then talk to a doctor to remove it. They will check it out to ensure it is not a sign of skin cancer, and if they remove it, it will just be a little arrow. Only when there is a cancer larger scars remain, because in this case, the tissue around the mole must be removed to prevent the spread of cancer.

Keep your signs of individuality, and keep checking them. If they show signs of change, such as itching, bleeding or growth, a date with the doctor should be made as soon as you can. Your doctor will evaluate it properly and in general will be able to put your mind at rest. Since they can not do what they want to start giving treatment immediately. Whatever happens, do not try mole removal at home.

Caffeine Addiction me

I’m a caffeine-holic, but I refuse to let caffeine dictate my life anymore. I did not follow the 12 steps to battle my addiction. It took a massive kidney infection with numerous stones to end my destructive behavior. Now I drink hot water with lemon, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Growing up, I never liked coffee. Sure, I got my regular caffeine fix by the likes of chocolate and cocoa drinks but I do not think I would have been classified as an addict back then. I attribute the beginning of my addiction with the military (disclaimer: not military force me to consume large amounts of caffeine as part of any government lab experiment, at least I do not).

When I joined the army at the tender age of 18, coffee was the last thing on my mind. However, when I started my career 26 years, coffee was just a way of life. My first experience was in Germany, out on bivouac – you know, sleeping in a tent under cold, wet and miserable conditions.

Suddenly, coffee was a mainstay. It was the first thing I drank when I got to the office to get a boost in the morning. I just drank it in the morning but then, when I pulled night shifts as Staff Duty Officer or Battle Captain, it became my constant companion. my addiction with coffee was not all physical either, it was emotional as well. I have many fond memories of sharing the brew with my colleagues first thing in the morning. We would laugh and chat over a hot cup of Folgers and all seemed right in the world.

I still remember it so vividly – pain and all. My company was to apply to Egypt and First Sergeant me and I met early in the morning to go over some details of the deals. Unfortunately, I had to get the bathroom every 5 minutes until I doubled over in pain and told him to get me to the ER! After a couple of bags IV fluid, which just about made my eyes pop out, I gave birth to a healthy pea size kidney stone! I never attributed the incident to coffee.

I continued my relationship with my little black bean, relying on his power to do everything well in my world. I did not give up a small habit. Perhaps it was that I did not caffeine could be the culprit or maybe I just ignored that little fact. Coffee was too important to me. Once, I went all morning without a fix and suffered a serious caffeine migraine that caused me to throw up. If you have ever suffered from caffeine withdrawal, you know it is not easy!

It’s taken me almost 22 years to finally say goodbye to coffee! Recently I suffered severe kidney infection which made me very ill. I decided that if I could not drink my daily blend, I would replace it with tea so I “smartly” made me decaffeinated green tea or herbal lemon tea. Although I did suffer some unpleasant headaches resulting from a lack of coffee, to my surprise I was able to make the transition.

The doctor told me to just drink water or lemonade. He said that the lemon would be good for my kidneys. So I obeyed and drank water with lemon all day but it just was not what I was depressed.

One morning, something clicked in my head. I was sick and tired of drinking cold lemon water so I decided to heat it up. I cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze it in hot water. When I took the first sip I got a happy sensation and laughed at me. At that moment I remembered years ago when my grandmother would come to visit us. All she ever drank in the morning was hot water.

While I still have fond memories of beloved coffee, I’ve now begun a new chapter in my life that does not include it. my kidneys are too important to me. Grandma got it right.

Kidney Stone Treatment Natural Way

For those who are afflicted by kidney stones, experts state that the simplest method for these individuals to treat or handle problems would clear it from the system. Even though this is possible using agents such as by simple surgical procedures, it is actually better to achieve this naturally. Some of these methods are described below.

One all natural treatment for breaking down these rocks and clear them out of the system a person is by drinking tea. For hundreds of years, have herbal teas have been providing people with many different benefits. One of these benefits happen to be to help expel waste that could be hazardous to the body out where they can cause no trouble.

Currently, numerous studies show that the most widespread complications of individuals renal their existence must stones are bits and sections of waste elements produced in this distinct body. Because they are hard to the touch and can cause severe pain when they expand in numbers they are like stones. But, unlike the real stones, kidney stones are able to be broken down and removed when they are found early.

Herbs mentioned above with other herbs such as corn silk, wild yam root, hydrangea root, yarrow leaf, and muscle cramps bark have been used for centuries by the people of China to make herbal teas with the ability to effectively dissolve quickly smaller stones. To get this tea to be powerful it must be aged proper length of time. While this tea will be successful in treating some individuals it will not be helpful for everyone, especially for those who have a problem with bleeding easily it may be necessary for other options.

Diuretic tea is another way to treat a kidney stone. The two most common diuretic teas are dandelion or corn silk because they have been found to be more effective. By combining other herbs such as nettle leaf, fennel seed, and oat straw, to diuretic tea it will be more efficient in breaking down even medium-sized kidney stones.

Not everyone suffering from these stones will like tea treatment. Below I have listed 4 more all natural methods used to treat kidney stone.

1. Drink plenty of water, up to 8 glasses a day to keep the system flushed.

2. Use lemons in the diet to prevent the creation of kidney stones.

3. Try to eat foods that have high fiber content. Since salt, protein and calcium all contribute to the formation of these stones is advisable to cut back on using it.

4. It is true that regular exercise can play a major role in the over all health and wellness. It is also true when it comes to preventing kidney stones. by being active you will delay or prevent the formation of this ailment.

The above natural kidney stone treatments are not for everyone or all circumstances. It is always best to get the advice of a professional physician to diagnose a specific condition. At least this information will give some sufferers an alternative to other medications available.

How to reduce the risk of catching flu

The flu season is here. According to the Center Disease Control (CDC), the peak months catching flu is from December to March, with the month of February the top month. To know how to reduce the risk of catching the flu, it is first important to know how the flu spreads.

Flu is often passed person to person. People with the flu can actually spread flu germs other people up at six feet away. When someone coughs or sneezes, germ droplets can land on a person who is not so weak to infect them with the flu virus. Beyond coughing or sneezing, healthy people can catch flu harmful bacteria from coming into contact with points (table tops, keyboards, faucet knobs, toilet flushing) from the carrying flu virus touch. To avoid this, you should always wash your hands and make sure you avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth during the day.

Although the flu virus is highly contagious, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you decrease significantly the risk of catching the flu virus. These include the following:

Wash your hands

Make sure that you wash your hands throughout the day. Do not wash your hands immediately after using the restroom, make it a habit to wash your hands regularly throughout the day regardless of menial tasks can be. Just because you can not see germs such as flu virus, does not mean they are not there.

Avoid contact in restroom

As you use your school or office restroom (or any restroom facilities), try to avoid contact with any of the equipment in the restroom. Many offices and schools have leaned latest technology to help them combat bacterial public restroom. These decisions have generally been made because of the outcry from staff and students alike for clean restroom facilities. If you currently do not have access to the toilet with touch-free equipment, ask your teacher, supervisor or manager of the opportunities.

Some touch free bathroom equipment options are automatic toilet flushers, automatic faucets and soap dispensers, and hands free feminine waste disposal units just to name a few. These special products allow you to use the restroom facilities without having to come into contact with any of the equipment inside the restroom.

You do not have to be a victim to the flu virus this flu season. Take precautionary steps listed above and be proactive in avoiding some of these potential areas germ.

Your health, your life! Why do we need supplements

As the saying goes health is wealth, but a lot of us do not consider this to be so we take for granted the importance of our health. In as much as we wake up in the morning and step out of bed and go about our daily activities without hindrance, we believe we are well. If we take good care of us and we take care of our cars and other personal belongings, a lot of health problems had been examined.

For a person to be healthy, he or she must be in a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being that is absent of disease or illness according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But because of pollution around the world – in the air and environmental pollution, stress and life style most individual find it difficult to live in complete condition. However, the human body has the ability to heal itself of these external forces like the toxins, poor nutrition and alcohol consumption, smoking and eating of processed foods cause damage to body cells and degeneration. Nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to feed the cells of the body that sustains millions of chemical reactions the body performs every day is not received in our diet in the right proportion.

Eating the right diet daily, consisting of essential nutrients cells need from fruits and vegetables will prevent us from having health challenges. But the majority of people are not getting the minimum daily dietary nutritional requirement from the food we eat not talking about eating five (5) the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. Over short time when these nutrients are lacking in our diet, deficiencies manifest lack of this will fall on the eye sight, hearing loss, joint pain, lack of energy and thousands of other problems that medical science tells us as a human being to take advance in age. During a long time, these deficiencies will result in illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

In other to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary for each person to instill the consumption of dietary supplements daily. According to Dr Daniel T Quigley, author of The National malnutrition; “Everyone who has in the past eaten processed sugar, white flour, or canned food has a defect problem, the extent of the problem depends on the ratio of such deficient food in the diet.” It is very difficult these days for people to get their daily nutritional need – minerals and vitamins – for the proper development of life from the food we eat. Therefore, for us to live a healthy life and we want it and age gracefully, we need to supplement our diet with organic food supplements.

To make the right decision: Family Planning

We all live increasingly hectic and stressful life in the 21st century, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. So when it comes to planning for a family, it can be quite overwhelming to get your head around the different types of contraception are available. Fortunately, we’ve pulled together a list of different methods, so you can find out what is involved and which one is likely to suit you best.

contraceptive implant

Designed for women, the implant is a small, flexible rod that is inserted under the skin of the arm. Gradually, it releases the hormone progesterone for up to three years. Progesterone is similar in content to the progesterone produced by the ovaries in the period a woman.

contraceptive injection

Women can use contraceptive injections which last between 8 and 12 weeks. Noristerat prevent pregnancy two months, the Depo-Provera lasts for 3 months. Both are particularly effective in preventing pregnancy while being used.

Combined Pill

Commonly referred to as “the pill”, the combined pill contains substances similar to natural estrogen and progesterone hormones which are the raw materials of the ovary. The pill works by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg each month.

contraception Patch

Similar to the nicotine patch, the contraceptive patch is placed on the skin and after the release of hormones, which are similar to those found in pill- combined estrogen and progestogen.


There are generally two types of condoms, and particularly male version is used more widely. Both forms, however, are barrier methods- that is they stop the sperm from reaching the egg. A female condom is worn inside the vagina and acts as a lining.


Designed for women to be inserted into the vagina, which diaphragm covers the cervix / entrance to the womb. To cap to work properly, however Spermicide should be used in conjunction, as this kills sperm.


Sterilization can be performed on both men and women and is usually irreversible. It should be practiced with caution and a full understanding of the consequences. In female sterilization (tubal occlusion model), the fallopian tubes are cut and sealed, which prevents the egg from the ovaries to the womb travel. In male sterilization, tubes carrying sperm from the testes is cut and sealed to prevent this happening. Male sterilization is also referred to as vasectomy.

Dairy products and health

There is a lot of debate about whether humans should drink cow’s milk or not, and we can say that there are hundreds of books available on this topic. Beyond the arguments of the vegan movements around the world, the fact is that drinking milk has become an integral part of the daily lives of people around the world, and no one can imagine the diet without this food.

A healthy diet is inconceivable today without the proteins, calcium, phosphorus, fat and carbohydrates present in milk. In addition, very few foods contain sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Besides its delicious taste, we can enjoy endless milk variants such us desserts, yogurt and cream. Dairy products are a favorite meal for many people.

Let us see some of the benefits of dairy products.

Skeletal system.

Diets rich in milk and dairy products help in building and maintaining good form of bone mass throughout life. In this way we reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Consumption of dairy products is particularly important for bone health in childhood and adolescence, when we create and build our bone mass.

Diets containing milk products have a higher nutritional value.

Calcium is used to build bones and teeth, and to maintain bone mass. Dairy products are the main source of calcium in the diet in all Western countries. Diets that include multiple servings of dairy a day can improve our bone mass significantly.

Blood pressure.

Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Dairy products, especially yogurt and fluid milk, provide potassium.

Weight loss.

A team of nutrition scientists at the University of Tennessee, has reached important conclusions regarding the effect of calcium on body fat. A diet high in calcium help with fat burning mechanisms.
The study was conducted in 3 months with a group of 34 people. They followed a personal eating plan which reduced the daily intake of 500 calories, but half of them were given 1,100 mg of calcium per day, while the contribution of calcium to the other half was only 500 mg.

The result shows that people with the highest calcium-rich diet, reduced its weight by 22% more than others.

While many benefits of taking dairy products, it is important to note that some individuals and some human races are lactose intolerant and can not consume milk. Fortunately, many vegetables and nuts have the same properties and nutrients that milk and its derivatives.

Good Facial Cleanser

A trip to your local big box retailer for a basic facial cleanser will provide you with ample range of choices. How do you know which one is the best face wash? And how do you know which one is right for your skin type? You can also take a trip to your local department store phone if you feel you have to pay more for a good facial cleanser.

When looking for a facial cleanser that you have to consider your skin type. Some have dry skin. Others have oily skin. Those with combination skin types experience areas of dryness along with oily patches. You can find your skin is sensitive to certain dyes, chemicals, or fragrances used in a face wash. And of course, there are those who are concerned with skin blemishes.

In my research I found a purpose that is good cleanser for all skin types. This facial cleanser is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. It does not contain oil and there is soap-free. There are also no fragrances added to this cleanser. Generations of consumers have trusted the Johnson & Johnson name. You can find it on just about any drugstore for around $ 6.00.

If you have dry skin, do not shy away from the pond’s cold cream just because you remember grandmother slathering face down with a sleep. This is a great facial cleanser to remove make-up and will not leave you with that tight feeling that comes with just soap and water. The cleanser will remove debris, and moisturizers within the product will work magic overnight leaving the skin feeling soft and silky.

My daughter has dealt with acne of puberty. I used to buy it celebrity videos endorsed products for acne that cost around $ 50.00. Now that I’ve discovered Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, I’ve found it does the job as well and costs considerably less. This face wash was marked as the winner in 2010 by the readers of Allure magazine. The product contains salicylic acid to fight acne, and incorporates ale and chamomile help smooth the skin. This product can also be purchased at local drugstore.

Fortunately, no one in my household battles dry skin, but a little research revealed a good product for this skin type. Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser runs about $ 10.00. It has appeared in Allure magazine’s topped ranked Facial Cleanser year after year, voted as the winner by readers. You will not find this one in a department store either, but it should be on the shelves of local retailers agreement devices.

If you prefer to be alone with nature, there are also several natural facial cleanser you might want to consider. Rather than make a trip to the drugstore, head to your market and pick up some cleansers and moisturizers nature. Try olive oil, honey, yogurt (make sure you get the plain), avocado oil or aloe vera.

It does not matter what type of skin issues you have, there are many choices that are affordable. It may take some time and research, but with hard work you can find the best face wash for your skin type and others in your household.

How to Live a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

Take care of your little children requires you to be healthy. How can you play with them if you get out of breath walking up stairs? How can you take care of them when you always get sick? As a parent you need to guide them all the time and it also builds unbreakable bond.

The most important thing you can do for you is to stay fit and be healthy and live a balanced lifestyle. It helps you live longer and less of a chance that you will be plagued by problems and illnesses down the line. It is not easy, but it does require some dedication. What makes it important? You are a family who needs love and affection. Living a balanced lifestyle is the key to ensure that you can have time for work, friends and your family. Achieve one’s easier said than done. But if you are determined and really try to challenge yourself, you can do it without looking back.

You can start by waking up early in the morning and take your time to use the bathroom, stretch and apply make up as you normally do everyday but earlier. In a few extra minutes of silence in the morning can be an excellent therapeutic and more relaxing than a day really begins. Eat breakfast, it is more important since it has health and energy benefits and can help increase strength and help weight loss.

If you are time constrained and interests are things like running, playing video games, walking, swimming, and biking. Do this at break time. If you fell brain is fried pause for a few minutes. It will give your brain a chance to relax and re-energize, so when you come back into your work, you would be more effective and efficient mindset to tackle work or simply close your eyes for about 5-10 minutes , think happy thoughts, and when you open your eyes, right body, smile and get back to work. You will amaze how simple it can really change your daily working practices.

Healthy living is all about eating balanced nutrition and good for the body as fresh fruits and vegetables. Low-fat protein sources, and whole wheat bread and pasta, and drink at least 8 glasses of water to have a healthy diet. Also avoid food that’s bad for you as refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, alcohol, etc.

Getting plenty of exercise and a positive attitude are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and your body. Pilates is great for strengthening your “core” muscles that are located around the midsection phone. Yoga has a therapeutic effect and also helps to reduce your stress level. When you exercise you release different chemicals in the blood that make you feel better. It is important that you take part in any exercise in your daily life to keep you in shape and keep your weight in a healthy level.

Manage stress is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You can not have a healthy lifestyle if you are unhappy and cause. If you are not able to manage stress can damage the body and affect your relationship with other people.

Sleeping right, if you go without sleep for a period of time, every area of ​​your life will eventually effect, and if it becomes a regular pattern in your life, it could threaten your health and bring down your overall performance. This can affect all other areas of your life.

To ensure that you are doing the right thing. You should monitor what you do on a regular basis continuously. If something is not going right, you can take the changes necessary to help you move toward your goal. With this mind setting and effort, working to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle is achieved.