What Mole Removal at home is not a good idea

Searching the internet you can find many sites offering products for mole removal at home. Attempting this can not be a good idea, though. Unlike warts and skin tags moles are often the first sign of skin cancer, even though they have been there for some time.

Trying to remove moles on your face, hand, neck or other parts of the body could be extremely dangerous, as some may be precancerous or cancerous. Only skilled physician will be able to look at the mole and judge whether it is benign or malignant. They will probably order a test for you to back up his decision, even then.

One of the most common cancer in men is skin cancer. The most serious form, malignant melanoma, often begin with something that looks like a mole. The risk of this cancer tends to spread elsewhere in the body.

Removing what appears to be a mole, but the cancer might actually get hurt. Also, you put yourself at risk of other cancers. If there is no surface skin to show that you have malignant melanoma, there is also nothing to let the doctor to other types of cancer can develop inside you.

With all cancers, early diagnosis gives one best prognosis. With some slow growing cancer, even late diagnosis offers the possibility of a fair result. Malignant melanoma may, however, quickly lead to very serious disease with poor outlooks, as it spreads unseen throughout the body. To give you a better chance of spotting malignant melanoma early by going moles instead seems much more reasonable.

If you want to have a mole removed because you think it looks ugly, think again if that is the only reason. It is a sign of individuality, no one else will have one exactly the same. In other communities, they were known as beauty spots or angel kisses and so highly regarded that people used to hold the pencil or the false ones. Relentless pursuit of perfection in every day removes all these signs of individuality.

If the mole really bothers you, maybe because it itches snags on clothing, then talk to a doctor to remove it. They will check it out to ensure it is not a sign of skin cancer, and if they remove it, it will just be a little arrow. Only when there is a cancer larger scars remain, because in this case, the tissue around the mole must be removed to prevent the spread of cancer.

Keep your signs of individuality, and keep checking them. If they show signs of change, such as itching, bleeding or growth, a date with the doctor should be made as soon as you can. Your doctor will evaluate it properly and in general will be able to put your mind at rest. Since they can not do what they want to start giving treatment immediately. Whatever happens, do not try mole removal at home.

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